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          3. Heart Valve Replacement and Repair

            Our company's bioprosthetic heart valve product line (Bovine pericardial tissue valve) is the only mature product confirmed by a large group (More than 10,000 cases) of clinical trials and long-term clinical practice (follow-up for more than 10 years) in China. The company is one of the few bioprosthetic tissue valve manufacturers that can compete with Edward, USA.

            1) The number of heart valve operations is increasing. Heart valve replacement needs of patients with rheumatic heart disease persist for a long time According to the White Paper on Surgical Surgery and Cardiopulmonary Bypass Data in China Center, 2017 officially published by the Chinese Society of Extracorporeal Circulation. The total number of cardiopulmonary bypass operations in 708 hospitals in China was 164,201 in 2017, of which 65,749 were heart valve operations. The increase was 6.6% According to Report on cardiovascular Diseases in China(2008-2009), "The prevalence of rheumatic heart disease in Chinese adults is 2‰ and there are at least 2 million rheumatic heart disease patients in Chinese adults." According to China Cardiovascular Disease Report 2017, the number of rheumatic heart disease increased to 2.5 million in 2017. In recent years, this number has been relatively stable. These patients eventually suffer from severe lesions, and many patients need to undergo surgical heart valve replacement.

            2) The use of bioprosthetic heart valve is increasing, and the market space is large in China. In 2015, there were more than 210,000 cardiovascular surgical operations in China, 29% of which were heart valve surgery, 90% of heart valve operations were heart valve replacement, and 20% of which were bioprosthetic valves. Among them, the use of bioprosthetic valves in patients over 60 years old exceeded that of mechanical valves. According to Annual Report of Cardiac Surgery 2017 of Fuwai Hospital, CAMS&PUMC, the use of bioprosthetic heart valves in China accounted for about 20-25%. Data correspond to the share of bioprosthetic valves in the US in 1993. At present, the proportion of clinical applications of bioprosthetic valves worldwide is about 75%. In the future, bioprosthetic valve will develop rapidly.

            3) The application of valvuloplasty rings will be further popularized. Compared with the international market, valvuloplasty has developed relatively late in China. Valvuloplasty is also relatively low in clinical use in China. It is expected that it will also show a trend towards developed countries in the future. Valvuloplasty will be widely popularized.

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